Pass away

I just got the news today ,my dad called me and told me my grandpa passed away.

Well honestly I had a feeling he was going to pass away this year, because of the condition and state he was in. That was why I was so desperate to share with him about God, about Jesus, about the reality of Heaven and Hell. But I just can't ....I don't speak Hakka, a little hokkien and some mandarin. It was hard, and I've been asking my dad to go share the gospel to the family for many years but he didn't want to and I think last december when I went back to visit grandad at the hospital there was a chance , my last chance and I was like "ok God let this be an opportunity to share, its now or never" and thank God the opportunity came and my dad asked me to Pray for Grandad. I did hahaha. it was so weird and impromtu. we're like all standing there, me leading the prayer and my dad interpreted it and the most amazing thing was after the prayer, my grandad with all his strength raised his hands, looking straight in my eyes with tears coming out (I think, but I knew he was touched), shook my hand and said 'Xie xie, Xie xie" (thank you thank you)

Then I asked my dad to ask him if he wanted to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Praise God! He responded by nodding his head and saying 'uh'. We got a pastor to follow up on him Im not sure how its going or I dont even know if he said yes because he just wanna say yes or he meant it but only God knows.

Growing (born) in Brunei , having a malaysian passport, calling myself a malaysian, going back to Msia for less than a month just to visit my grandparents and relatives doesn't really make me feel like a Malaysian and the fact is I'm not close with ANY (maybe except for 1-2) of them at all. One thing was because I go back once a year, 2nd is I don't speak good mandarin or hokkien.

Even though I'm not close to my family at all, after hearing the news, something inside of me just stirred, I think its just the sadness (and of course I didn't cry la!) because after all It is my family, and we're blood related and most important of all ppl around me I don't wanna see them be damn for eternity and its yet again another wake up call to me to not get comfortable, and to realize how fragile life is and how there are many ppl out there who don't know Jesus yet and the reality that Heaven is real and Hell is real too. I'm not satisfied where I'm at! Need to Grow!

You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons
Cover me with Your hand And lead me in Your righteousness
And I look to You
And I wait on You
I will sing to You, Lord
A hymn of love
For Your faithfulness to me
I'm carried in everlasting arms
You'll never let me goThrough it all
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