My guitar playing has been crap these few weeks, it was good in practice but when it comes down to the real thing i screwed up bad, and I mean really bad, fast tempo become slow tempo , I changed the song from being rocky to maybe like errr sappy love backstreet-boyish song -___- helpme!

Been locking myself in my room studying, wearing my glass and being a nerd O_O
seems like when my friend comes to my house , they went to my housemate's room and didn't bother to say at least a Hi , I think maybe because of the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on my Doorknob hahaha. still.... can at least drop by and say Hi right, gosh, made me feels like im being anti-social and everyone in the world doesn't like me or maybe I'm scary ??? >.<
one exam on Sat
one exam on Mon


Free from torture!! like this one
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