Eggzams over

Eggzams are over!! I thought I would be happy because it was my last exam and everyone just started theirs muehehe. But I wasn't ... the last exam was crap and the stuffs I studied from the textbook didn't come out at all! maybe 20% came out ?? its Financial Control and I suck at calculations. The lecturer even posted online a sample NPV question, thinking it would come out cos he posted it online for us to work on it. but noooo It never came out, what is that? 80% of what I studied didn't come out and all I need is 45% from the finals to pass the course which I don't think I'm confident as well. *sigh*

So i went home pi$ed wanted to go online ply Dota and pwn some ppl but I won 1 and lost the other 2, waaa more dulan haha. Ok so monday wasn't a good day and nobody likes monday anyway.

Im officially on holiday woot! I have an open ticket to go back Brunei but I don't know if I should, my friends from the UK and Canada are back and in Malaysia and Brunei , it'll be cool to go back and meet them again. I mean I have 1 month++ of hols but I think I better stay back and get a proper job in a hotel and start working maybe as a Housekeeper and no..It's not a maid!

Not feeling so good lately but should be fine soon

It's not easy.....It never was
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