Chillin' Wif Coffee!!

Today's was my friends birthday and I haven't laughed so hard for quite awhile now haha. We celebrated by going for a coffee at Zaraffa's , haven't had good coffee for 2 weeks ahhhh. If you know me well good coffee= high XD

The wonders of how drinking coffee and just chit-chattin away can stir up lots of inside jokes haha
One of them asked me what was my nick before and I went ' Jay, Jay Jay, Jas, Jazz, Jason Sensation............ Jasmine'
then one of my friend went ' Jason Is Mine' (Jas Mine got it ? XD) hahahaha so unless you're my gf dun call me that =P

The coffee shop was just right next to the cinema, and there was a huge poster of Kung Fooo Panda!! Australia is slow, coming out on the 26th of June, I know y'all get to watch it already =.=
anyway my friend went,
"ohh my housemate downloaded the movie and I watched it already."
"really how was it?"
"I didn't really like the panda because it's not cute at all, its just like a bear with white fur and 2 black eyes"


"uh.... Panda IS a bear with white fur and 2 black eyes" -____-"""

Me <3 Coffee!!
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