Consolation Prize

Definition of Consolation Prize from A prize given to a competitor who loses or does not win the first prize.

Just want to share a lil something I got from work two weeks ago. We are having our annual church and I was fighting very hard at work to try and get my leave approved, because the status has been unknown for a month. Cut the story short, I wanted to for camp so badly, I've never missed one and hearing the good stuffs we'll be getting made me want to go so much more.... but I got a 'I Declined your leave' that left me in tears. Next day at work I got couple of good tips + an email from one of the guest sent to the resort saying how I'm awesome, and the best...........kidding XD but the email was praising me of the work I've done for them and how I've been helpful and they appreciated it. I was like wow! A personal mail praising me! I know it might seem like a small thing to you guys but it was huge for me.... I've been dreaming to have one of those at work and I got it. I was thinking 'mmm... so I don't get to go to the camp but I was blessed at work today.. maybe its a consolation prize for me'

That's how I felt.

Then again I learnt the power of having people people around you believing for a miracle and breakthrough for you when you don't seem to have it. There was no effort for the need to strive and believe believe believe. I know sometimes people say 'You must have faith, you must have faith, you got no faith' and put pressure on the poor person who's already having anxiety to have more. However telling the person that you're believing for a miracle for them puts them at peace... they don't have to fight, they are in faith and they have rest and peace through the storms and that was how I felt. The awesome people around me had faith to believe for me and was praying for me. Don't get me wrong I was praying for it as well but there was no sense of anxiety or any hard effort. (I believe sometimes there are seasons we need to push in as well). Anxiety deflates the greatness of God.

The Last day of work before my weekend and three days before camp I got a call from my manager and asked if I still wanted the weekend off for camp. Apparently one of my colleagues wanted to work and asked my manager and so managed to cover the shift for me. Praise God! God owns everything, and managed to turn the situation around even though it seemed bleak, how cool was that?

Then it hit me. God does not give consolation prize. Those are for people who lose and do not win the first prize. In God's kingdom EVERYONE is a winner in His eyes, He wants the best for His children and His timing is perfect. God does not want to give consolation prize to mock us.... He wants us to keep going for Gold, even though sometimes we fail or feel like losers.

But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. -Matt 19:30
my version of this would say '..... the loser will be the winners'
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