The call to Nazarite Consecration- Lou Engle

This was written by Lou Engle, and thought of sharing it with you guys..this has been my heart, the inward burning for God.... be blessed

Summoning the Consecrated Ones If there is one word that describes the young godly ones in this generation, it is consecrated. This is the martyr spirit. As William Wallace said in Braveheart, “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” They understand that to lose their life is to find it and they have crossed the line of commitment once and for all. Consecrated: to separate from the common to a sacred use; to be officially declared holy; to give one’s life completely to a particular purpose; to be devoted irrevocably to the worship of God.

The Nazirites arose in the darkest times of Israel’s history. God raised them up primarily as a youth counter cultural resistance to the spiritual decline of Gods people and a holy protest to the increasing domination of Baal worship over the hearts of those called to the jealous love of Yahweh. These firebrand extremists became the conscience of the land, rebuking apathy and indifference toward the worship of Yahweh. These young men and women became the hinge of history and the course of the nation turned upon them. When God wanted a new era, a new prophetic priesthood and turning back of a nation to God, He raised up Samuel, Samson, and John the Baptist, lifetime Nazirites. Nazirites! The word Nazir in Hebrew means ‘consecrated one; separated one; a person of the vow.’ The Nazirite had a desire, an aching, burning desire to be close to the Lord. Last night on a live web chat on Elijah, a young lady expressed how she feels a continual burning inside her, a burning hunger for God, That is the Nazirite burn. Jesus said of John the Baptist, a Nazirite from his birth, “he was a burning lamp and you enjoyed his light for a little while” (John 5:35). The true Nazirite is a burning man! A true Nazirite is a burning woman! Have you ever felt this inward burning for God? That burn is more holy than anything on earth. Treat it as holy, guard that fire. For that fire is God’s burning heart of jealous desire for you. “Or do you not think Scripture says without reason that he Spirit he has caused to live in us longs jealously for our devotion?” (James 4:5) Praise God the law of jealousy is moving in America and is creating extreme passion in a young generation to separate themselves from other lovers in a vow of purity and holy intimacy.

The Nazirite movement in the scripture was a counter cultural youth protest against the Baal worship of that day. Whenever great spiritual decline and evil began to take over in the land of Israel, these Nazirites would begin to appear in great numbers. These holy youth were God’s preservative for the nation of Israel. And they are God’s preservative in our nation today. During these days, is God calling you to some commitment of separation from the world? How about turning your TV off for 40 days. How about waking an hour earlier, to seek God and pray for revival? Do you love God more than sleep? How about drinking juice for 40 days, expressing your burning desire for God in fasting? Separate yourself from video games and Internet pornography.

May you burn for God more than you burn in lust for this world! O Nazirite generation arise! The Nazirite not only separated himself to God in a vow of holy devotion, but is seems that the vow had a definite kingdom purpose in mind as well. John the Baptists’ vow had to do with turning a whole generation back to the God of their fathers. God, I pray that across America you would raise up a counter cultural youth movement of extreme devotion to God to God to resist and stem the tide of evil in the land. Let Your jealousy be aroused again. Judge the idols of our hearts. Turn the nation back to You. Raise up the Nazirites!

I was inspired by this book by Lou Engle to live a life of consecration and to say Yes to the call of God.

425444: The Call of the Elijah Revolution: The Passion For Radical Change The Call of the Elijah Revolution: The Passion For Radical Change
By James W. Goll & Lou Engle

Authors James W. Goll and Lou Engle seek to inspire an entire generation--to exchange temporal pleasures for a radical and passionate leap into the spiritual joy of Jesus Christ. You will be propelled into joining the cries of other lovers of the Savior--"Is there not a cause in the land?" His answer is, "Yes!" Let "The Call of the Elijah Revolution" come forth--His people will overcome. 262 pages, softcover from Destiny Image.
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