I'm not good as....

This thought always comes up and I don't like it. Whenever I hear a powerful testimony or hear what other people have achieved I tend to look at myself of what I've done or what I haven't seen and I start putting myself down with thoughts like 'man I can't go to where they're at, I feel like an ant compared to these giants' and just things that would bring me down. Yes, the aftermath of that is that I'll probably go insane, go depressed for awhile and lose focus. Worse, there comes the religious spirit that would go.... I have to do this, do that to get to where these guys are at out of stress and my lack of identiy in Him.

From my previous post I wrote that I complained a lot, and I should stop doing that. Made me realize how I was like the Israelties who saw God's goodness and power and yet still had unbelief, complained and got therefore wandered in the desert for 40 years. Made me realize part of me had unbelief therefore I started to complain and compare. not a good thing.

Problem here is simple, I lost focus on God and who He is. You know the famous verse 'Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit?' Both Might and Power are attributes of the Holy Spirit, its not the attributes but the person that has it, its not the signs, but what the signs points to. The works points to the person...... selah.

God has taught me to slow down and rest these few days. I have been running up and down, always busy BUT I've learnt to just rest and have peace. Not peace as in no wars, no conflict, no noise but a peace that focuses on the Presence of the Person, then you know that He has dominion over all the storms in your life. Bill Johnson said 'the place of rest is a place of strength' So soak in His presence and let God do what He needs to do... stop striving. Its ALL of Him or Nothing,

See you in church!
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