Sunday night reflections

Woah, I haven't done this in awhile and I was planning to do this every Sunday. So here's my ill attempt to get this going again and hopefully get the ball rollin' for me.

I remember couple of months back when Ps Lai Ling came down to GC to preach and I was on the worship team, I got so discouraged and frustrated on my own ability to play that, during worship, I actually said 'what am I doing here playing? Might as well not play at all, I sound terrible with my playing and all other nonsense thoughts of just giving up'

For those who were there remembered before the sermon started Ps Lai Ling started to prophecy into different ones. Here I am sitting down, thinking of giving up playing when Ps Lai Ling pointed to me and told me that God is going to anoint me in my playing where a New Sound will come out, something along those lines but all I remember was a new sound from the guitar playing.

Guess what?
After the service many people commented that they felt the worship was different, as if there was a new sound. They said the guitar sounded different and there was anointing in the voice and musical instruments. I've been using almost the same guitar effects for worship and I have never ever change the settings but people said it sounded very good, was different and some were even thinking there was a violin playing lol. As a team we knew our playing and music was dull and dry during practice but after 15min of just worshipping God, I think an angel just pop down and fine tuned the PA system and our instruments to make it sound good, Seriously! :)
Then it pop into my head yesterday on what Ps Lai Ling prophecy that there will be the anointing to play a new sound that will come out thru my guitar playing. Praise God!

I want to believe that God will use me to play notes from heaven,

Other reflections

  • As usual Puji really imparted his heart to us and God used him powerfully to challenge and convict me
  • GSL WILL start again (watch out for this space!)
  • Puji doesn't just preach, his walking it out in his own life, I love people who are being honest and real, they are such an inspiration!
  • Sometimes we don't realize the significance of God's word
  • Do I want to live normal life or a Supernatural life
  • The HARVEST is not the problem, its plentiful! (Matt9:37) The workers are!
  • And Im one of the lazy workers that got his butt whopped big time. Thx for waking me up God! :)
  • I've not been good in diciplining myself to do the things I need to do e.g. Praying and during DMM Manging our Time+ Praying was taught, How awesome is that?
  • got me thinking, WHAT IF I had prayed more, WHAT IF I had taken that time just to intercede..... this wouldn't have happened, this Could happen
  • yea right.. no what if.. whats done is done. I need to get my prayer life to be consistent again
  • its time for the unchurched to be churched!!
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