take 5

Just taking a break from studying, who would have thought that my break would give me the urge to blog something

All of you should have met my new baby Elmo and he's doing mighty fine just a little lonely cos for the past week I have been a nerd and have been studying *good boy* Anyway just wanna share that I got this picture last year and lamo helped me spot that the guitar dis guy is holding is Elmo! how cool is that? hahaha. ok nothing interesting from that -___- but i think it was cool how i took this pic and then I got a guitar that was the same haha. sakai~~

Msn chatting chatting
Lamo : OH! I GET IT! your dp has the same guitar!!
Me: huh? OOOHHHHHHH same guitarrrr!

how blind can i get?

Check out my cool wallpaper for my viewty now my phone is like a Rockstar's phone wahahaha =P
okok 5 min is up, STUDY TIME! Exam tomorrow!
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