The Beauty

I finally got the time to install the PC suite and start transferring some pics.

Anyway for those who don't know I got a new phone, I ditched my Nokia 6280 and I've been using that awesome phone for 2 years and now that my contract is up I decided to renew my contract and get a new phone!
Ok so I've been a faithful nokia user for what.....about 6 years now. from the 3550 to 7210 to 8 something then 6280 and I guess its the user-friendly interface that has kept me being faithful to these phones but one thing I find is that most of the phones have almost the same function! I mean seriously ,N77 and N78 , 6280 and 6288 whats the difference? except for the fact their number is different la. I was tempted to get the E65 which is a slimmer version of 6280 and with some added new functions but nah, I wanted to something new, nokia is good but their phones are almost too identical. I like sony's camera and walkman features but from using my friend's Sony Ericsson, I find that the navigation and the buttons are complete opposite of nokia so its just too confusing for me . No offence to any sony users out there, (I know I have tons of friends who's using it haha) I wanted a cool and sleek phone, something new and easy to use and stylish like its masta! and...............

I got the LG Viewty! and yes It's a beauty! haha. Here are some specs

* Camera: 5.0 Mp, Schneider-Kreuznach, xenon flash
*Built in memory: 170 MB
* Slot expansion: microSD
* Bluetooth 2.0, A2DP
* Standby mode time: up to 300 hours
* Size: 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8 mm
* Weight: 112 grams
* Radio FM

So I get the phone for free and I pay $49 every month with $300 credit. Not a bad deal hey? Better than getting the phone upright I reckon.

Anyway I took some pics with the phone and obviously I'm a nOOBz when it comes to taking pictures but here are some pics taken with my 5.0 Mp uber cool camera phone
Went to Q1 which is like the tallest residential building in the world and staying here you can see the WHOLE of Gold Coast. My friend's uncled stayed here last year and it costs about $2000 a week to stay there, the old uncle who is awfully rich said "wahh, so cheap the apartment here, cheaper than singapore and better again, I want to buy one" I have nothing to saym I see about 20 , 50 dollar notes lying around the house like tissue paper only, I wonder if he uses it as a tissue when eating or go *poot poot*. anyway was so tempted to steal one that time haha XP

On the 77th floor of Q1, Here's Gold Coast =)

Me and My housemate fooling around with the bass and guitar , gonna start a band in 2 months!

oh yeah, we made Hainanese Chicken Riceeeee, I know it doesn't really look like it cos we added extra bits in but hey! still tasted good, Oz style! =)Oh and pls don't compare it to the N95 cos that phone is like a BRICK! and don't ever compare it to the iPhone cos they are completely different phones, this phone is marketed as a camera phone and iPhone obviously well, plays good music. I love the iPhone but I rather stick with the viewty , the functions are almost like Nokia, easy to use but cooler and better XD I did needed some time to get used to SMSin cos it's touchscreen and no touchpad. but the QWERTY keyboard function was cool.

The LG Viewty KU990 so far in a month is nothing better than the best phone I have ever used in my life. and for the girls whining that it's black and no other colors, the Pink Viewty is coming out soon which I would have bought! maybeeeee......

There for those who has been buggin me to update here's one and it's a pretty long one too! hope you're all satisfied nyehhhh XP Okay first exam is on Friday! FIGHTING!

I miss food back home, Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, LA MEE!!!, Kolo mee POP! =((

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