wow It's been ages since I've exercised. I stopped during the period of exams and now my belly is coming back again sigh. A lot of people have been asking me "so what are you going to do for your hols" Well one of it was EXERCISE!!!

well not really...
Woke up at 7.30am just cos I had to go to the library with my friend cos she wanted to use my card to borrow some books. At 8.30am Went to harbor town and initially wanted to do grocery shopping but then for a second I forgot who was I going out with...
My friend asked if we could go shopping for 'awhile' and I said yes, cos its the holiday and I wanted to do chill n lookaround anyway, no biggie... besides its been 6 months since i've shopped. Boy who knew shopping can be this tiring, I was tired mentally because I had to help my friend pick the clothes and the colors because she can't decide, I was tired physically because the shopping area is huge and I didn't eat much, and now I have a headache -___-"" wow , imagine what 6 months of not-shopping can do to your physical health.... not good. I think I have to start shopping more now.

Don't get me wrong. I Love shopping, especially shopping for my own clothes and I don't mind going shopping with girls as well,I dont find it boring. I got used to it ( thx for the training ma!) and I think helping girls to pick clothes can be fun as well. altough sometimes my taste and theirs can be a lil wee bit diff. The only downside I have is the constant travelling from one shop the another. You ask me to run up n down the basketball court , I don't mind, but shopping? Too high level for me no one can beat women in walki.....i mean shopping

Besides doing grocery I got myself a hairspray and one nice tarocash office clothes, from $80 discount to $40 woot! oh and I knw some womens perfume now -.- had to help smell and I always thought they smell the same but my eyes were opened to a whole new world. Karl Lagerfeld, Dior Addict, Dior Poison, and I think I'm begining to like the smell of Kate Moss hahaha.

ok owowow head pain, headache got to sleep now
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