basketball camp + competitio

aish i wanted to try and blog daily but turned out that i forgot to!! no wonder no ones comes and check my blog :-( ......... anyway there was this baksetball camp, and i its the first time i touched the ball since 2 months ago..... damn it we had a 3v3 game and i sucked! wait, i was OK but my teamates suck ya not tryin to put all the blame on them but its true! i hope i can get pick to play the 5v5 game tmrw..... at least i gained a lil bit of motivation to play and trian b.ball again, and im goin to do tat right after my karate competition in Sabah. yup representin shitoryu malaysia team, hehe im gona take all my stress and frustration out durin the competition muahahaha, na just hope tat i can win and get the medal, im trainin really hard now... so i have no time to blog i guess - -
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