Yup, my morals exam finally over, the objective was hard but i managed to do the other sections thx to the lecturers tips. 1 down and 1 more to go. My bio exams this thursday, havent been really studying much , lazy and no mood to. Besides that I went to Karate training today, i know the exams just right around the corner but then the final selections today so had no choice but to go. YUP I got selected!!!! Wohoo, never thought i would get selected though, i guess my training relaly paid off, ( also thx to my senpai) The training was from 10-12 then the coached said there was another from 4-6, i was like ARGH!! i tought the training was all over. I had to study for my exams damn it! haha but i was smart enough to go to midvalley MPH and 'borrow' the biology book and study there for 1 hour+ hahah

Right now im goin to leave b.ball out for awhile and focus more on my karate since i got selected. Don;t wanna let everybody down and show that the coach that he made a wrong choice
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