Living on the Edge

We are living in a time where there seems to be a lot of teachings on how to make yourself happy, prosperity and how God will bless you so you can live your life comfortably.. Now I'm not against that because I do believe in giving and receiving, God blessing you and providing for our needs... I am however not into the teaching where you are to live comfortably. The apostles did not have a comfortable life when they followed Jesus, in fact they were ridiculed and persecuted for their beliefs. They could have gone back to being a doctor, fisherman, have a nice job and not follow Jesus but these guys chose to live life on the Edge just like the many great men in the bible did. They became revivalist and saw healings, miracles and numbers were added daily. They were persecuted, wrongly accused, martyred all for the sake of the gospel. They lived life on the Edge.

Here are 4 principles to live life on Edge.
1.) Preference of God
Here's a question what is your Isaac? Those that is most precious to you.
Sometimes it will cost you to follow the preference of God. John 4:34
When you hit God's preference you will be blessed, even though there are times we can't see what God is doing. It can be finding your life partner, a job or even starting a business or ministry.

I love how Bill Johnson put it this way. When God says 'no' it's because there's a bigger 'yes' to follow.

2.) Presence
That's how I got saved, all I knew was the presence of God that touched me in a church service my friend brought me too. It was there when I had an encounter with God and felt his liquid love over me convicting me of my sins and failures. That's why I can't live one day without  His presence.

Get a sense of God on things when you want to do something, what is He saying, what is the Logos and Rhema word of God say? Do you feel peace or uneasiness when you want to make a decision? obey the preference and presence. I don't do anything if I don't sense the presence of God.

3.) The Promise of God
What had God said? Are we being faithful in what God has promised us?
Be faithful in the Kairos- Joseph had a promised but he had to wait and go through 13 years before he was suddenly promoted. How well do we steward the promise of God when we receive it?

4.) Embrace the process
Steward what God wants you to do. The process sometimes is not easy but when we get the right perspective and knowing who God is and His character it'll help us to direct our lives to success. Success is not necessarily what you see on the outside but the battles won in the secret where no one is watching.

This is a book that I've read that I found really helpful. Heidi Baker is one of the people that I look up to who is living life on the edge.

793511: Compelled by Love: How to Change the World Through the Simple Power of Love in Action Compelled by Love: How to Change the World Through the Simple Power of Love in Action
By Heidi Baker

In "Compelled by Love," Heidi Baker gives you a glimpse of total dependence and authentic Christian community by taking a fresh look at the Beatitudes. Throughout she shares many examples from her and her husband's ministry in the war-torn country of Mozambique. Time and again they have seen the miraculous power and provision of the Lord to the "poor in spirit," showing that the Kingdom of Heaven does belong to such as these.
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