Don't be too hard on yourself when you fall

Lance Wallnau just posted this and I'm loving it! that's a good word right there. Hope this encourages you as it encourages me .

Open your Bible and start reading. Get about 3 chapters in and watch man mess up. From chapter three all the way through the rest of the Bible you've got God fixing the problem.
What does that mean? It means that you should not be hard on yourself when you mess up or disqualify yourself because you don't measure up. The Bible see's the world as it is.
"Therefore lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so EASILY entangles us,..." (Heb 12:1)
You get that? God knows how "easy" it is to run and slip. Get back up and keep running. Thats the second part of the verse.
You have two natures in you, and old man and a new man. BUT God does not see you as two, He sees you "in Christ."
This isn't a play on words. It's actually how God sees you. Its the lenses He wears. He sees you "in the beloved."
You see you as two people. Thats why you and I need to remember that...
He who died FOR you
also died AS YOU.
"You are dead and YOUR LIFE IS HID IN CHRIST!"
YOU got a NEW MAN in there who is made in the image of God. When that person comes out Heaven invades your environment and angels step back and serve.
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