Merry Christmas!

Firstly sorry for the lack of update for the past week, I do however had many things to write on dreams, seasons and faith. Been too caught up with work and games that I don't have time to write it.

This is just a short entry to wish everyone and my readers a Merry Christmas!! You're ALL invited to come over to my house this Thursday for Christmas Dinner, Pm me if you would like to come, I won't be giving out my address to keep myself away from any stalker or any crazy fans of mine ;)

p.s- if you are overseas, fly over to the Gold Coast and I'll sort out accomodation for you =)


Update: Just wanted to share this by Perry Noble on Peace.. just a summary but you can get the whole thing from his podcast

  • “Peace is not something we work for or earn on our own – it is a gift given to us.”
  • “When you do not have peace you try to cope and manufacture it.”
  • "You cannot fix what is wrong on the inside by rearranging what is on the outside.”
  • “The real lack of peace is not because we don’t have enough stuff but rather because we don’t have the right relationships with God and others.”
  • “When we focus on fear we become a failure – when we focus on the Father it increases our faith.”
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led lights said...

nice posting keep blogging,

John said...

Great article, and Merry Christmas too =)

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Dear Carissmi said...

this is really beautiful and very timely for me.. Merry Christmas!

Jason Lee Yuan Jun said...

Hi Carissmi
Praise God, hope you were blessed :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

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