Last week was interesting, lots of things happened. Was a very challenging and tough week where I have to face so many things at once and got a bit frustrated at myself. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing things right, sometimes I wonder if I make a small mistake would it have an effect on other people, I kind of understand now when my friend told me that you'll have to pour out a lot of sweat and tears to get the other person to move even just a bit. It's not easy but I can imagine the outcome when the person will one day be moulded and ready and everything was worth fighting for.

I think that's how God sees us as well, that we are nothing but a clay being shaped and moulded in His hand. God has been showing me to see in His lenses. We are all messed up, still growing and learning and its amazing really how God's love never fails, it can be so ever patient, disciplines you yet still loving. His teaching me to do the same for others, to see their destiny and not their history.

..... you make all things work together for my good

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