Good news and Bad news

As most of you may know during Church service, my left eye was in a pretty bad state, I couldn't even open them, it felt as if its like a sharp spring that is preventing it from opening when I tried to open my eye. At one point I was afraid that I would go blind, I mean this has happened before where my eyes has go blurry and I couldn't see anything but this time it was worse, my eyes has this sharp pain and wouldn't open at all. I know it has something to do ith either my contacts or the solution. anyway went to hospital to see the doctor at about 9pm I think. I found out that some people had been waiting for 5 hours till it was their turn and it was an emergency room! I decided to spend tat time praying for me eye, nothing happened. after many times of prayer I decided to sleep abit thinking maybe my eye would be ok if I woke up, but that never happened, my eyes still couldn't open. So I decided to pray again abit then sleep, pray abit sleep, to the point, I questioned myself, God! why am I suffering like this! I wasn't blaming God for the suffering but was wondering its been hours now and theres no healing yet! I might as well feel like dying now, go to heaven and have a perfect body =P anyways 3 hours became 4 hours and 4 hours of waiting became 5 hours. When it was the 5th hour I knew it was almost my turn but I told myself not to give up and kept praying, remembering what Belle told me to Claim the Healing and take it! So i layed hands on my eye and kept praying for healing..... AFter a bit of prayer I could open my eyes again! I went 'LOOK! JON! my eyes can open and not close! but the pain is still there lets keep praying!!!' So we kept praying again I didn't realize that I was praying so loud and pointing my fingers at my eye telling it to open until Jon told me a lady was staring at us. anyway I kept praying even tellin God I don't want to pay 185 plus any extra charges jsut to see this doctor because I rather use that money for HIs kingdom. Praise God after much perseverance and prayer my eye opened and the pain was gone!!!! There was still slight pain about 20% but it was then I knew God has healed me and I can get out of the hospital, cos' i've been in the hospital for nearly 6 hours and its not my turn to see the doctor yet. Went and told the receptionist that I don't have to be in the waiting line anymore because I'm healed and she looked at me O_o going 'errr okkkk....' Praise God!!!

My left eye is ok now except its still abit blurry, which happened before but its going to be alright. Thank you all for your Prayers, SMSe's , forgive me if I didn't get to reply because it was on silent mode. Thanks Jon for coming enduring the painfully near 6 hours in the hospital with me, we're still wondering why only after 5 hours that God decided to heal?? haha. I guess one thing is faith, faith to believe God can do the impossible even when nothing has happened yet, knowing God IS able and WILL able to do it. Thank God I don't have to see the doctor and pay and Thanks Belle for enouraging me.

ooh the bad news? I have to wear specs for a week or so :(
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Sophia Lee said...

1 eye only right?? must be your contact lens...should change monthly la...dun over 'use' it...